I make drawings. KCAI Animation major. © Ryan J Plaisance 2014

  • I don’t know what these guys are but I want to animate them

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  • we’ve got christmas lights. and plants

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  • onwingstodestiny replied to your photoset:my mom sent drawings i made when i was younger. i…

    omg these are so precious.

    thank you! It’s really strange seeing how far my drawings have come since then, but man i drew some rad ghosts and pumpkins 

  • my mom sent drawings i made when i was younger. i really liked ghosts i guess. these old drawings would be fun to revisit in an animation

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  • Anonymous
    How many pages do you cover a day?

    depends, 3 being the most, but usually I only cover about 1/2 to a full page a day Edit: I draw very haphazardly so sometimes I will have one drawing on a page and others completely filled. So I guess it’s hard to say exactly